I believe in teaching which isn’t dominated by linear schemes. I am anINQUIRERwho researches new tracks and topic for my teacher curriculum and the same time I am aTHINKERwho critically and creatively recognizes suitable topics for a particular group of children. I explore concepts inKNOWLEDGEABLEways and believe that there’s no low age limit for understanding or feeling core, interdisciplinary meaning of art. As aCOMMUNICATORI express ideas in miscellaneous way, suitable for child age and release energy to make students beingOPEN-MINDEDon art, as I am. Choosing not linear, but connected in main core, units and concepts makes me aRISK-TAKER. I am alsoCARINGteacher who sees each child needs as very special ones. I care about school community and environment and still improving them to beBALANCEDby supporting our well-being in visual, design, ergonomics and social matters. Don’t forget that your mild, caring teacher is alsoPRINCIPLEDand upholds the rulers. I amREFLECTIVEteacher who consider reflection as one of the best educating method in teaching Visual Arts and Design Technology.

2013/2014 Grade 5 ICT/DT Expectations

  • of others learning
ü Don’t disturb others!
ü Don’t forget to bring your part of supplies while you work collaboratively
ü A quiet chat is permissible, provided that you don’t stop working
ü While teacher’s presentation or class explanation, a quiet chat is forbidden! (then you raise your hand to ask anything expect for: May I go to bathroom?J)

  • of teacher’s teaching
ü by asking clarification and explanation when necessary
ü Never! Never! Interrupt in the middle of teacher’s phrase
ü Use appropriate time for bathroom visiting
(not during explanations or an important exercise or discussion)
  • of your learning:
ü be prepared for each lesson
ü gather all supplies you need, don’t do it in the last moment
ü Check Wiki calendar to remember about project dues
ü When you are absent or sick, be in touch with your mates and catch up the work and do homework
ü Check if you meet time limits for each project, if not- catch up your
work at home, especially when you are absent!!!
ü Write down all supplies, tools and material needed for next lesson and your homework
in homework diary
ü Always have USB stick
ü Remember your passwords


Inappropriate behavior during lesson:
1st infraction – a warning
2nd infraction – meeting with Ms. Bavender
3rd infraction – meeting with parents and counselor
Lack of supplies or homework:
1st infraction – information to Ms. Bavender
2nd infraction – email to parents
3rd infraction - meeting with parents and Mrs. Norma