PYP ICT is not a learning how computers work, but is learning through computers and Internet. ICT in PYP is a support for Inquiry based learning. The course encompasses the use of a wide range of digital tools, media and learning environments for teaching, learning and assessing. ICT provides opportunities for the transformation of teaching and learning and enables students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and be responsible for their own learning and actions. ICT allows students to make connections and reach a deeper understanding of its relevance and applicability to their everyday lives. Through the use of ICT, learners develop and apply strategies for critical and creative thinking, engage in inquiry, make connections, and apply new understandings and skills in different contexts.

2013/2014 Course Outline

Unit of Inquire
ICT Unit
1st Trimester
Who we are: What is a difference between human brain and artificial intelligence. How to present ourselves as members of family and school community
-Express about who we are, where are we from using technology
- Thinking how computers changed us
Yearlong: improving presentation skills and ability of building interactive presentation
- research skills (source acknowledgment)
- academic honesty
- general computer use acknowledgment
- internet safety
- learner profile
- inserting images
-expressing through symbols and icons
Where We Are in Place and Time: How inventions has been changing our history
-creating timeline of inventions
- making diagrams
- collecting, analyzing and choosing data
2nd Trimester
How the World Works: How human genius explain the World
- Searching Information about Leonardo’s invention ,breaking and writing codes, computer and cryptography
- Leonardo Da Vinci Invention ( project)
How We Express Ourselves: How humanity has been communicating through ages
- e-mail format
- blogs
- communication
- writing a letters
- videoconference
- stamp design
3rd Trimester
Sharing the Planet: How technology helps to safe our planet
- developing investigation skills, indentifying problem, using acknowledged sources
- word processing
- paragraph writing
- technical drawing skills
How We Organize Ourselves: How can we control money we have
- developing simple design brief and specification
- creating budget logs- simple calculation spreads
Pigy Bank Project
Paper Money Design