In October:
  • We got familliar with and learn how to use its possibilities
  • We were presenting who we are, we were presenting our family and country
Task 1:
Create Prezi prezentation about who you are
Here you have check points list

Task 2:
Present your home country, according to the check list, which we made together:


  • Discuss what do these picture mean:


In September:
  • Grade 5 was inquiring how computers have been changed our life
  • Who we are in the worlds of computers
  • What is the difference between human and artificial intelligence

We watched a couple of videos obout history of computers

Here is a link to History of Computers Museum:
  • Then we were analyzing how do we feel in the World of Technology
  • What are prons and cons of using internet

We were creating our own interpretation of Joanna Gniady Illustration to show prons and cons of using Internet as life environment